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An exploration of motherhood, selflessness and the “old you”
The pressures of being a mum are phenomenal, not least thanks to the prevailing view of motherhood the media would have us live—which is often at odds with reality.

We’re fed the idea that mothers are (and should be) completely selfless—giving to everyone else before themselves. But striving to do so can not only leave you feeling exhausted, it can have you wondering who you really are, outside of this most wonderful and challenging of jobs.

MotherSpace is not a parenting workshop. It’s an opportunity for you to access and reconnect with the parts of yourself that may have become left behind when you became a mother.

It’s a chance to reflect on who you are.

It’s space to breathe a sigh of relief, and realise you’re not alone.


The next MotherSpace will be in central London on Saturday 24th November

Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education
Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent, London W2 6NE

10am – 5pm  —  £85

07986 647317